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Tom and Jutta Munsteiner
Crystals, the reflecting play of light in its inherent structures, are fascinating testimonies of nature to Tom Munsteiner, which lead him to a formal expression in the cut which is incomparably rich in variation. The crystal is not just dead stone to him; the crystal, which looks at him through its reflection of light as it were, leads an independent existence at the threshold between inanimate and animated nature like something organic. This is the reason why Tom Munsteiner combines clean cuts in the material, geometric figures, such as prisms and circles, testimonies of an internal constructivist architecture of the stone, with spherical, organically soft round forms.

Although Jutta Munsteiner's creative focus was initially on jewellery, the intensive collaboration in Atelier Munsteiner was doubtlessly a decisive factor in encouraging her to work to an increasing degree also as a shaper of precious stones.

Jutta Munsteiner attempts in a very sensitive manner to explore very cautiously the feelings which jewellery could provoke in the sophisticated customer who lives in the present.
Women of today and the future no longer want to use jewellery to show what they have, but who they are. In other words: jewellery as an object of possession, as a status symbol is "out". This means it must contribute more strongly towards expressing the inner character of a woman. As a result, however, jewellery also challenges a woman to recognize herself.
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