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David Huang
At the young age of eleven I decided I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. For some reason I never seriously wavered from that path and devoted much of my time to learning and improving my skills. In high school I discovered metalsmithing and was immediately enamored with the material and processes involved. I had always had this sense in my head that it took big, powerful industrial tools to shape metal. When I discovered that with just the power of my arm and a hair thin saw blade I could cut shapes with great precision I was hooked. Shortly thereafter I became enthralled with how the humble hammer could form metal into almost any shape desired.

After an extended 12 year college “career” I finally earned my BFA with an emphasis in metalsmithing from Grand Valley State University. It is at Grand Valley that I discovered the raising process I use to form my vessels from flat sheet, still using that humble hammer and the power of my arm.

In 2003 I finally achieved that goal of my young eleven year old self and was able to sustain full-time career as an artist. It was not an easy dream to achieve, but for me it was worth seeking. I now spend my days at my Michigan home/studio working to bring objects of beauty, light, and inspiration into the world.
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