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Krista Harris
Krista Harris is a modernist painter whose work has its roots in abstract expressionist traditions, yet embraces a style that is uniquely her own. Elegantly composed and delicately balanced, her work has a mesmerizing quality. Shapes and line appear to morph in and out of focus, colors shift like seasons, and subtle imagery whispers beneath the surface.

A “painter’s painter”, Harris remains devoted to the craft of paint on traditional surfaces. Her early years of working realistically with the figure and landscape, and a love of drawing, have
provided a strong foundation as she moved into non-objective work. Working intuitively, with no preconceived notion, no sketches or forethought allows her to favoring essence over

In her most recent body of work you sense, rather than see, the beauty and impermanence of nature. Surrounded by open fields and dramatic mountain views, her studio is perfectly
situated to filter and interpret and the constantly changing scenery. Balancing texture and form, passages of calm and activity, opacity and luminosity, the richly tended surfaces seem stitched together with line, and vibrate with the illusive qualities of seasonal change.

“Abstracting from nature has unique rewards and challenges” according to Harris. “—
not giving away too much, not imitating, but implying, and not dictating, but suggesting...
I’m interested in trying to capture the emotion and the poignancy of light and the mesmerizing
qualities of a world in constant flux.”

“Nature is abstraction in its purest form. If we allow ourselves the luxury of just looking, of seeing without the brain trying to interpret or define or label, then simple beauty is all that remains.”
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