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Colin Schleeh
“For me, bending wood is a metaphor for the taming of our wild world, a bent stick is the simplest manipulation of a natural resource imaginable, yet always excites me with its implications.

Simple forms are typically the most difficult to make visually perfect, as there is no detailing to hide behind, or to distract you from an imperfect form or finish. I find myself in many ways a slave to perfectionism, but I also envy and admire the artist that has the courage to walk away from a piece that that could have been rendered trite by any further ornament.

I am nourished by the fallout resulting from mixing materials that are contraindicated by tradition; I embrace mistakes as being primary experiments in the unexpected, to be studied with as neutral an eye as possible, and harvested for future projects. I love giving a “common” material regal context, through thoughtful and innocent admiration, by studying its absolute, rather than its commonly valued properties.”
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