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Jeff Glode Wise
I believe that sculpture should be inviting yet provocative, and it should inspire and challenge while being in harmony with its surroundings. My figurative work, which is done in marble and cast bronze are people transformed by circumstance, altered by contact with life beyond themselves.

Eluding the grasp of gravity through balance is where I begin with my abstract work. From there I interpret visual gestures found in nature such as flowing water and the rhythmic movement of birds and fish. I use cast and carved concrete with blackened wood as my earthbound elements, while forged bronze provides fluid motion. I'm currently using gold plate as a surface treatment because of its warm glow and permanence, while also being aware of it's use as an expression of holiness and spirituality in religious artwork and architecture. The materials however are just the tools I use to help me achieve my ultimate goal, which is the transformation of motion into emotion.
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