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Ron Layport
Ron is known for his sculptural approach to the wood vessel. His work is included in numerous exhibitions, publications and collections, both public and private.

It seems quite natural that we should be drawn to, and spiritually connected to other life on this planet. The instinct to make objects that address that connection is as timely today as it is timeless. Animal effigy figures have inspired utilitarian vessels and ceremonial objects since man first created. My efforts are directed toward bringing my own voice to this ongoing dialog.

It is important to understand that these works are not assemblages. Each is of a single piece of wood, first turned on the lathe directly from the log, then sculpted and finished by hand. It is not unusual for a major work to require four to six weeks of concentration. What might begin as a 100-pound log, often weighs in at less than two pounds by the time it goes to the pedestal. In the final analysis, much of the artist remains with each piece.
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