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Bio P Catherine Woskow
I draw my work from my inner world conscience to maintain an active overview while allowing the art to direct. Making it a priority to trust the process continually reminding myself to get out of my own way and let the work guide and disclose. The outcome of my work is always unpredictable, though my process deliberate.

I am acutely conscious of the different sources of my inner dialog: From my head? From my body? The head chaotic thought, most often directed by violent contradiction. The body: intuitive guidance, more or less relief from thought. My work is to express the vital interplay between the two, an interplay which creates identity.

I have always loved both painting and drawing. With my new work the "Line Silver Series" I use both in a polarity play between tight confined line, and the very fast physicality of the over paint. I am working to develop a higher level of risk and exploration in my work, while continuing to find more depth in and through my art.
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