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Tom Hucker
Hucker discovered the world of studio furniture when the seminal exhibition "objects:USA" traveled to Philadelphia in 1973. After seeing the possibilities of sculptural furniture in that show, he worked briefly with Dan Jackson before entering into a two-year apprenticeship with Leonard Hilgner, a skilled, German trained craftsman. From this solid technical training he went to earn a certificate of Mastery from the Program in Artisanry at Boston University in 1980.

While in Boston he studied at the Urasenke School of Tea Ceremony and began to explore Japanese aesthetics and ritual. in 1982, he was an artist and residence at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. In the late 1980's he shifted gears and began to study industrial design at the Damous Academy in Milan. This awakened an interest in the ambient meaning of furniture within a specific architectural space. Since returning to the the United States and setting up shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1991, he has begun to integrate his asian sensibility with his architectural interests to create a new body of work.
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