Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (2024)

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Picking the best Verizon phone plan is trickier than it seems, even if Verizon's offerings include the best unlimited data plans out there. The challenge lies in the fact that Verizon features three different unlimited plans, all at different price ranges, and you've got to figure out the one that best serves your needs. And all that's before you have to settle on which add-on perks to include with your plan.

Best Verizon Cell Phone Plans at a Glance

1. The quick list
2. The best Verizon plan overall
3. The best Verizon prepaid plan
4. The best Verizon family plan
5. Verizon unlimited plan add-ons
6. 5G coverage at Verizon
7. How to choose your Verizon plan
8. Verizon MVNOs

It may sound needlessly complex, but apparently this myPlan approach to phone service has proven so popular, Verizon is adopting it for its home internet service as well. But forget about your home internet for now — we're here to strictly talk about cell phone plans, now that we've gone through Verizon's different offerings to find out what you get for your monthly payment.

In our research into the best cell phone plans overall, we stay up to date on what separates one plan from the next. So we can tell you what you get with Verizon's Unlimited Welcome (basic coverage with 5G service), Unlimited Plus (faster 5G coverage along with hotspot data) and Unlimited Ultimate (international travel benefits) packages. And if you don't need unlimited data, we can tell you whether Verizon's prepaid plans are worth considering. (Spoiler alert: they are!)

If you're looking for more ways to save at Verizon, we routinely check for the best Verizon phone deals. (A lot of those offers require you to commit to an unlimited data plan, so that's another reason to familiarize yourself with Verizon's different options.) You also can find some decent discounts with our Verizon promo codes, so it's worth taking a look at them before you proceed through the checkout.

Let's take a closer at the best Verizon phone plans currently available and whether the options at the best phone carrier fit your needs and budget.

The quick list

Best overall plan

Verizon Unlimited Plus

Unlimited data for $80 at Verizon

Verizon's Unlimited Plus is the best choice if you want unlimited data, thanks to its top-tier 5G coverage. The cheaper Unlimited Welcome plan can access Verizon's nationwide 5G network, but Unlimited Plus can tap into the faster Ultra Wideband service. Plus, the plan comes with 30GB of hotspot data. Other perks, like Disney's streaming service and international Travel Passes, are available as $10 add-ons.

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Best prepaid plan

2. Verizon 15GB prepaid plan

15GB for $35 at Verizon

Verizon's prepaid plans cram a lot of data in for the price, making it one of the best prepaid phone plans out there. The best option gets you 15GB of data for $45 a month but if you set up AutoPay, that price drops to $35 after the first payment. Signing up for autopay means you no longer get Verizon's loyalty discounts for keeping your prepaid account open at Verizon, but the autopay discount is steeper than it was before.

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Best family plan

3. Verizon Unlimited Welcome plan

Unlimited data for $120 at Verizon (four lines)

Unlimited Welcome starts at $65/month for one line of data and offers just the basics (though, as with Unlimited Plus, you can tack on extras through $10 add-ons). For households on a budget, though, this might be the best way to get unlimited data as four lines will cost just $120/month. Discounts from trading in your current phone can lower that monthly rate further when you switch.

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The best Verizon cell phone plan overall

Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (4)

1. Verizon Unlimited Plus plan

The best Verizon phone plan for unlimited data


Amount of data: Unlimited

Cost: $80/month (includes $10 autopay discount)

Family cost (4 lines): $180/month

Perks: Ultrawideband 5G coverage; 30GB of hotspot data

Reasons to buy


Verizon's fastest 5G coverage


Three-year price guarantee


30GB hotspot data

Reasons to avoid


$10 add-ons can add up


Verizon's most expensive plan

If you need just one line of unlimited data for your phone, we'd recommend Verizon's Unlimited Plus plan. It gives you access to Verizon's growing Ultra Wideband 5G coverage, which is Verizon's fastest service. You can consume as much data as you like, and you even get 30GB of hotspot data.

Even with discounts as you add lines, Unlimited Plus can be pricey for families, with four lines of data costing $180 before you add any perks. (More on those in a moment.) Keep in mind that Verizon lets you mix-and-match lines so some members of the family can opt for Unlimited Plus while others get the less expensive Unlimited Welcome service.

We mentioned add-ons. Verizon offers things like Disney's streaming bundle, a family subscription to Apple Music, Travel Passes for international travel and cloud storage as $10/month add-ons. The good news is you can mix and match the add-ons you like and even drop them in months you don't need them. The bad news is that a lot of add-ons can supersize your monthly phone bill if you're not judicious about what you add.

Besides Unlimited Welcome, which we'll explore below, your other unlimited data option is Unlimited Ultimate. It costs $90 for one line of data after an autopay discount, but you get 60GB of hotspot data and unlimited calls and texting when you travel overseas. Unlimited Ultimate also includes 10GB of international premium data each month to use overseas, making it one of the best international phone plans if you do a lot of traveling.

The best prepaid Verizon phone plan

Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (5)

2. Verizon 15GB prepaid plan

Best prepaid phone plan at Verizon


Amount of data: 15GB

Cost: $35/month (after $10 autopay discount)

Family cost (4 lines): $140/month

Perks: Mobile hotspot; International texting; Talk, text and data in Canada and Mexico

Reasons to buy


Lots of data


Discounts for autopay


Includes some 5G access

Reasons to avoid


No discounts for additional lines


Can't combine loyalty discounts with autopay discount

Verizon’s prepaid plans don’t feature a lot in the way of perks, as is often the case when comparing prepaid vs. postpaid phone service. But Verizon's prepaid options do pack in data, especially the carrier’s 15GB plan. Even better, it's easy to lower the cost of your plan right away, making this 15GB one of the best cheap cell phone plans we've found.

Verizon’s 15GB plan costs $45 a month, but enrolling in autopay now takes $10 off the monthly rate. A month after starting your service, your autopay discount kicks in, immediately dropping the cost of your Verizon prepaid plan.

Verizon continues to offer loyalty discounts for sticking with the carrier for coverage — $5 off after three months and and another $5 after nine months — but you can't apply both the autopay and loyalty discounts. It's either one or the other, so the lowest your bill can go is $35.

The only other prepaid options at Verizon are a pair of unlimited plans. They cost $50/month and $60/month after $10 autopay discounts. While all prepaid plans have access to Verizon's nationwide 5G service, only the $60 Unlimited Data Plus gives prepaid customers access to super-fast Ultra Wideband 5G.

The best Verizon phone plan for families

Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (6)

3. Verizon Unlimited Welcome plan

The best Verizon phone plan for families


Amount of data: Unlimited

Cost: $65/month (includes $10 autopay discount)

Family cost (4 lines): $120/month

Perks: 5G coverage

Reasons to buy


Verizon's more affordable unlimited data plan


Includes 5G coverage


Access to same $10 add-ons as Unlimited Plus

Reasons to avoid


No hotspot data


Data speeds can be slowed when there's lots of traffic

Verizon phone plans used to be extremely pricey, but the Unlimited Welcome plan lets you access the network's coverage for just $65/month for a single line of data. There are caveats to that plan, of course — there's no hotspot data as there is with the Unlimited Plus plan and Verizon can slow your speeds if its network gets congested.

Still, if you need multiple lines, Unlimited Welcome may be the best family cell phone plan at Verizon. Thanks to multiline discounts, four lines of data cost just $120/month. A current discount when you bring your own phone lets you drop the cost of each line by $5 per month, lowering the monthly total to $100. The ability to mix-and-match plans means that some lines can have Unlimited Plus while others get Unlimited Welcome.

The same add-ons available for Unlimited Plus customers also work for Unlimited Welcome. So you could tack on the Disney bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus and pay $75 for a single line of data plus all three of those streaming services.

Verizon unlimited phone plan add-ons

Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Welcome and Unlimited Ultimate plans have access to 10 different add-ons, each of which cost $10/month. Through these add-ons, you can tack on extra benefits to your wireless plan. The end result is a benefit-packed offering that compares well to best cell phone plans out there, though the risk is that adding too many benefits can drive up the cost of your Verizon plan.

Verizon would counter that the advantage to making these extra benefits into separate add-ons is that you only need to add the things that appeal to you. If you don't do any international traveling, for example, you can safely ignore the Travel Pass benefit. What's more, Verizon's $10 pricing reflects a savings from what you would pay for the benefit on its own — anywhere from $5 to $25 in savings each month depending on the add-on.

Disney's bundle of Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus would normally cost you $19/month, so you're saving $9 by getting it through Verizon. (The Hulu and ESPN versions feature ads; Disney Plus does not.) Similarly, a bundle that features the ad-supported tiers of Netflix and Max saves you a little less than $7 when you buy Verizon's monthly bundle.

Here's the list of benefits available to customers with unlimited data plans at Verizon:

  • 100GB Mobile hotspot
  • Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus)
  • Netflix + Max (with ads)
  • YouTube Premium
  • Walmart+ Membership
  • Apple One
  • Apple Music Family
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • 3 TravelPass Days
  • +play monthly credit

5G coverage at Verizon

Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (7)

Verizon launched its 5G network in 2019, but the real boost came with the 2022 launch of C-Band spectrum. That extended Verizon's fast Ultra Wideband network to more areas, with 200 million people now covered by C-Band speeds as of this writing. We tested Verizon's C-Band when it launched and came away impressed by Verizon's improved network.

As for Verizon nationwide 5G coverage, it reaches more than 230 million people at this point. That service isn't as fast as Ultra Wideband 5G or C-Band 5G, but it's more pervasive at this point, even if T-Mobile currently beats Verizon on 5G reach and average speed, according to the latest data from RootMetrics. That same report praises the reliability of Verizon's 5G coverage.

If you live in an area that's covered by Verizon's 5G network and want to experience faster coverage, unlimited data is the best Verizon plan to get. In particular, you'll want to opt for the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plans, as they include access to Ultra Wideband 5G. Prepaid plans get the nationwide 5G coverage as well, with the Unlimited Plus prepaid service enjoying Ultra Wideband speeds where available.

Many of the best 5G phones are available through Verizon including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and all four iPhone 15 models. Verizon also has some 5G exclusives like the TCL 30 V 5G. Some phones like last year's Motorola Razr foldables aren't available through Verizon, though.

The best Verizon phone deals can help you find the best prices on all sorts of handsets, 5G-capable models included.

How to choose the best Verizon plan

Finding the best Verizon phone plan for your wireless needs involves choosing between unlimited data or turning to the tiered data options from Verizon's prepaid service.

If your smartphone usage involves a lot of streaming — be it movies or music — you're going to want to look at Verizon's two unlimited options. Should your data needs begin and end with browsing the internet, checking email and the occasional social media post, you can probably get away with a tiered prepaid data plan.

If possible, look at your monthly data usage on your current plan to see how much you're consuming on average — if it's 15GB or less, you can save money each month by going prepaid. Just be aware that you won’t get as many perks with a prepaid as you would with one of Verizon’s postpaid options. Our guide on figuring out how much cell phone data you need each month can help you determine what kind of plan is best for your phone usage.

Other phone carriers on the Verizon network

While getting service directly from Verizon ensures you get Verizon's top speeds and best plans, there are other carrier options if you want to use Verizon's network without paying so much for your service. MVNOs — short for mobile virtual network operators — piggy-back on other carriers' networks to provide lower-cost service. The trade-off is that the parent carrier prioritizes its own customers so you might see slower speeds.

In the case of Verizon MVNOs, several use Verizon's superior network for their own 5G coverage. The best isn't technically an MVNO, as Visible is owned and operated by Verizon. Notably, Visible's unlimited data plans start at $25 a month — more than half of what you'd pay for service at Verizon, while using the same network.Visible now lets you pay for a year of service in advance, which lowers your monthly rate.

Xfinity Mobile also uses Verizon's network to offer phone service for Comcast customers who also get their internet service through the provider. Adding multiple lines lowers the cost of unlimited data plans to $30 per line with Xfinity Mobile, making it an attractive option for families. If you find Xfinity's pricing too high, Comcast launched the Now Mobile service, where a line of unlimited data costs $25/month. Like Xfinity, Now uses Verizon's network for coverage.

How do Verizon plans compare to rival carriers?

Verizon has fewer postpaid options than the best T-Mobile cell phone plans. As a result, the Uncarrier beats Verizon on price, with its bare-bones Essentials plan costing $60/month. Other T-Mobile plans pack in more perks as opposed to Verizon's approach with turning perks into $10 add-ons you can add and subtract at will.

AT&T has a lower-priced plan than Verizon's entry-level unlimited data offering, though the $51/month Value Plus plan is limited to just a single line of data. Other are pretty comparable to what Verizon charges for unlimited data.

Are Verizon's plans good for seniors?

Verizon does offer a discounted unlimited data plan to anyone 55 years and older, but there’s a huge catch — Verizon’s 55+ plan is only available for people living in Florida. If you’ve got a Florida billing address, you can get two lines of unlimited data for $80 a month, with video streaming at 480p resolution, unlimited mobile hotspot data (though restricted to 2G speeds), and the ability to use your plan in Canada and Mexico. A single line of data costs $60.

T-Mobile offers discounted unlimited plans for seniors 55 years and older that are $10 less expensive than what Verizon charges, and those plans are available to anyone regardless of where they live. T-Mobile also includes 5G coverage with its senior plans. That's why we think T-Mobile has the best cell phone plans for seniors — unless you're in Florida, of course.

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Best Verizon phone plans for 2024: Unlimited, prepaid and more (8)

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